RNC 2024 Day 1 live updates: Trump says he'll announce VP pick today

Delegates were anticipating Trump possibly revealing his VP pick on Monday.

British Open '24: How to watch, who are the favorites and more to know about golf's oldest event

TROON, Scotland (AP) — Golf's oldest championship returns to the century-old links of Royal Troon for the 152nd edition of the British Open. You can get up to speed with a guide that tells how to watch the men's final major of the year, who are the favorites, the history at Royal Troon and more:

Spanish police say body found on Tenerife is likely British teen who went missing nearly a month ago

LONDON (AP) — Human remains have been found in the search for a British teen who went missing almost a month ago on the island of Tenerife, Spanish police said Monday.

Federal judge dismisses Trump classified documents case over concerns with prosecutor's appointment

WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal judge presiding over the classified documents case against former President Donald Trump in Florida dismissed the prosecution on Monday, siding with defense lawyers who said the special counsel who filed the charges was illegally appointed by the Justice Department.

Trump shooting live updates: Shooter's rooftop was law enforcement staging area

Former president Donald Trump was rushed off stage during an election rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, on Saturday after he was shot in an assassination attempt.

Secret Service director says agency will participate in assassination attempt investigation amid questions over procedures

In her first public statement since the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, US Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle on Monday said the agency will “participate fully” in an independent review ordered by President Joe Biden and also said the agency will work with Congress on “any oversight action.”

Long history of shootings in U.S. presidential politics

Shots were fired during a rally speech by Donald Trump, in an incident that investigators are treating as a possible assassination attempt on the former president. Including Abraham Lincoln and JFK, here are some notable examples of shootings involving U.S. presidents or presidential candidates: Ronald Reagan (1981) President Reagan was shot and seriously wounded as he left an event at the Hilton hotel in Washington. The attacker was John...

Trump is expected to pick his vice presidential nominee on Monday, first day of the GOP convention

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Former President Donald Trump said he plans to announce his vice presidential pick on Monday, the first day of the Republican National Convention.

Kate Middleton all smiles as she takes in Wimbledon’s final match

It was a mother-daughter date for the Princess of Wales and Princess Charlotte, who were warmly greeted at Wimbledon's men's final match.

In beachy Galveston, locals buckle down without power after Beryl's blow during peak tourist season

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — Vacuums sucked the water out of the seaside inn run by Nick Gaido’s family in Galveston since 1911 as power was still spotty nearly one week after a resurgent Hurricane Beryl swept into Texas. Blue tarp covered much of the torn off roof. Gaido scheduled cleanup shifts for the hotel and restaurant staff who couldn’t afford to lose shifts to the enduring outages.

German 2025 budget draft has a 17 billion euros hole - sources

By Maria Martinez, Holger Hansen and Christian Kraemer BERLIN (Reuters) -The German cabinet plans to approve its draft for the 2025 budget on Wednesday, but there is still a gap of 17 billion euros ($18.55 billion) which needs to be filled, finance ministry sources said on Monday. Germany's coalition government this month clinched a 2025 budget deal that will stick to the country's tight

Merging galaxies look like 'Penguin and Egg' in new image from JWST

Webb has peered through the dust surrounding these interacting galaxies to reveal them as we've never seen before.

Anger and anxiety loom over the Republican convention, but there is good news for Trump in court

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Donald Trump's campaign chiefs designed the Republican convention opening this week to feature a softer and more optimistic message, focusing on themes that would help a divisive leader expand his appeal among moderate voters and people of color.

What are your questions about Trump this week?

Former President Donald Trump is said to be rethinking his primetime convention speech this week, pivoting to a message of unity after a near-miss assassination attempt.

4 Pakistani soldiers and 5 insurgents are killed in coordinated suicide attacks at military facility

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — A suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden vehicle and other insurgents opened fire near the outer wall of a military facility in northwestern Pakistan early Monday, killing at least four soldiers and wounding dozens, including civilians, officials said.

Photographer on capturing bullet during Trump rally assassination attempt

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Doug Mills recounts how his decades-long career drove him to keep shooting after a gunman opened fire during Trump's rally.

LCBO scraps plan to open dozens of stores amid ongoing strike

Ontario's primary liquor retailer says it will not be opening some stores during the ongoing strike, walking back its initial plan to reopen select locations with limited hours, starting Friday.

Shares in gun manufacturers soar after Trump assassination attempt

Shares in gun manufacturers surged Monday in the wake of the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump.

Romanian lawmakers more than double allowed bear kills to prevent attacks

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Romanian lawmakers more than doubled the annual number of legal bear kills on Monday to control the population and avoid further attacks against people. The emergency parliamentary session followed the death last week of a 19-year-old hiker who was attacked by a bear on a popular trail in the Carpathian mountains in central Romania. The European Union state has annual

Scientists have confirmed a cave on the moon that could be used to shelter future explorers

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Scientists have confirmed a cave on the moon, not far from where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed 55 years ago, and suspect there are hundreds more that could house future astronauts.

Explainer-What is China's 'third plenum'?

(Reuters) - China's ruling Communist Party commenced its so-called third plenum on Monday, a major meeting held roughly once every five years to map out the general direction of the country's long-term social and economic policies. Its Central Committee convened the plenary session, or plenum, the third since its members were elected during the party's last congress in 2022, to deliberate on a

Jury asks if unanimity required to acquit 'on a single count' at Sen. Bob Menendez's bribery trial

NEW YORK (AP) — A jury deliberating over 18 charges at the bribery trial of Sen. Bob Menendez in New York City asked the judge Monday if unanimity is required to acquit “on a single count.”

At the Trump rally, it was evening sun, songs and blue sky. Then came bullets, screams and blood

On a sweltering weekend evening, beneath a clear blue sky, Donald Trump supporters in red “Make America Great Again” hats packed the fairgrounds in Butler, Pennsylvania.

EU imposes sanctions on five Israeli individuals and three entities

(Reuters) - The European Union announced sanctions on Monday against five Israeli individuals and three entities, describing them as responsible for "serious and systematic human rights abuses" against Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The list included Tzav 9, a group which it said had regularly blocked humanitarian aid trucks delivering food, water and fuel to the Gaza Strip.

What to know about the attempt on Trump's life and its aftermath

The FBI is still trying to determine a motive behind Saturday's attempt to assassinate former President Donald Trump, while the tone of this week's Republican convention in Milwaukee likely will be dominated by the violence.

A Mississippi judge removes 1 of Brett Favre's lawyers in a civil case over misspent welfare money

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi judge has removed one of the attorneys representing retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre in a state civil lawsuit that seeks to recover welfare money that was supposed to help some of the poorest residents in the U.S. but went to projects pushed by wealthy and well-connected people.

Mayhem at Copa America gates in Miami prevented ticketed fans from getting into game

Ticketed fans faced "total chaos" and "mayhem" at the Copa America title match near Miami, as scores of paying customers were shut out after hooligans stormed the stadium, officials said Monday.

Takeaways from the dismissal of the mishandling classified documents case against Donald Trump

A federal judge’s decision to dismiss Donald Trump’s classified documents case on Monday was a surprising end to what was once seen as one of the strongest criminal cases brought against the former president last year.

Police arrest a man in Kenya's capital after dismembered bodies of 9 women are found in quarry

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Police in Kenya said Monday they have arrested the main suspect after nine dismembered bodies of women were found in a quarry in the capital, Nairobi.

Many women stay in religious groups that don’t let them become leaders. Here are three reasons why

Why do millions of women belong to religious groups like the Southern Baptist Convention that do not treat them as equal to men or allow them to have full control of their bodies? For many, it’s not a simple choice. Here are three reasons.

Minute-by-minute timeline of Trump assassination attempt at Pennsylvania rally

A minute-by-minute timeline of the shooting in Butler, Pennsylvania that left Trump shot, one spectator and the suspected gunman dead and two others critically injured.

Minute-by-minute: Visual timeline of the Trump assassination attempt

Through videos, maps and photos, CNN pieced together what occurred from the start of the rally to the moments when gunshots erupted to when Trump landed in New Jersey.

Why a London man named Bushe turns his neighbors' hedges into art

When Tim Bushe looks at a hedge, he sees "the shape within" the shrubbery - and then he teases it out with his trimmer to honor his late wife.

Body found on Spanish island during search for missing British teenager Jay Slater

Search teams looking for missing British teenager Jay Slater on the Spanish island of Tenerife have found the body of a young man.

UK foreign secretary repeats ceasefire call as Israel continues to pummel Gaza

Israeli air and naval strikes continued to pummel Gaza as the UK foreign secretary, David Lammy, reiterated his demand for a ceasefire during a visit to Jerusalem. Strikes on central Gaza followed two days of particularly deadly attacks including one in a humanitarian zone in southern Gaza that killed at least 90 people when Israeli forces targeted the head of Hamas’s military wing, Mohammed Deif. Hamas has maintained that Deif survived the...

Hungary's Orbán briefed EU leaders on his meetings with Putin and Xi, ally says

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has sent a letter to the heads of other European Union countries briefing them on a recent set of foreign visits he made that angered other leaders in the bloc, Orbán's political director said Monday.

Court voids last conviction of Kansas researcher in case that started as Chinese espionage probe

A federal appeals court has reversed the conviction of a researcher who was accused of hiding work he did in China while employed at the University of Kansas.

Vermont seeks federal damage assessment for floods caused by Hurricane Beryl's remnants

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Vermont is seeking an assessment to determine whether last week’s flooding, which damaged homes, knocked down bridges and washed out roads, qualifies for a federal disaster declaration and aid.

Ukraine's mobilisation campaign picks up despite faltering enthusiasm

By Dan Peleschuk KYIV (Reuters) - Seeing the military patrol handing out call-up papers on the outskirts of Kyiv, one man slipped into a nearby store. Another refused to even stop for the officers. Others, however, quietly obliged. While men may be coming round to Ukraine's ramped-up mobilisation drive to replenish troop numbers more than 28 months since Russia's invasion, they are less eager to

Judge dismisses Donald Trump's classified documents case

In a surprising ruling, the classified documents case against former President Donald Trump has been dismissed by federal Judge Aileen Cannon.

‘Without consequence’: Intelligence memos warn of runaway political violence online

Canadian intelligence officials say threatening rhetoric is increasingly seen as a legitimate way to express frustrations, grievances and dissent.

Biden campaign upended by Trump shooting, for now

The assassination attempt on Donald Trump has upended Joe Biden's campaign by forcing it to dial down attacks -- yet it also buys him time to deal with his own political woes. Loge, however said there may be little effect as "a lot of voters see Trump as too nuts and Biden as too old, and an assassination attempt doesn't change that."

Gambia upholds its ban on female genital cutting. Reversing it would have been a global first

BANJUL, Gambia (AP) — Lawmakers in the West African nation of Gambia on Monday rejected a bill that would have overturned a ban on female genital cutting. The attempt to become the first country in the world to reverse such a ban had been closely followed by activists abroad.

An unusually reflective Trump suggests divine intervention in aftermath of rally shooting

In the aftermath of the rally shooting Saturday, Trump suggests God saved his life, reinforcing the messianic imagery long promoted by his most ardent supporters.

Azerbaijan reopens its embassy in Iran as the countries try to ease tensions

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — The embassy of Azerbaijan in Tehran resumed its work Monday after more than a year of negotiations between the two countries to ease tensions, media reports said.

Man gets 226 years in deaths of 2 Alaska Native women. He filmed the torture of one

A man who killed two Alaska Native women and videotaped the torture death of one was sentenced Friday to 226 years in prison.

Protesters gather at GOP convention to rally for abortion and immigrant rights, end to war in Gaza

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Hundreds of activists gathered in a downtown Milwaukee park Monday as they prepared to spend the day protesting outside the Republican National Convention, saying the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump won't affect their long-standing plans to demonstrate outside the site.

Democrats pull Biden campaign ads after Trump rally shooting

The failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump has thrown the Democrats’ presidential campaign into suspension, as they suspended attack ads, refrained from criticism of Trump – and may have halted the drive to depose Joe Biden as the party’s candidate. A campaign that was already in disarray amid uncertainty over the US president’s fate, prompted by last month’s debate fiasco, was plunged into further confusion after the shooting. Having been...

FBI seeks to access alleged shooter's phone as they work to uncover a motive

More than 24 hours after the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, a motive for the 20-year-old shooter's actions has not been identified, the FBI said Sunday.

Judge dismisses classified documents case against Donald Trump

Judge Aileen Cannon has dismissed the classified documents case against Donald Trump.