Melania Trump is set to make a return to her husband's campaign with a rare political appearance

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Former first lady Melania Trump is making a return to her husband's presidential campaign with a rare political appearance after months of being absent from Donald Trump's latest run for the White House. She plans to attend a fundraiser Saturday for the Log Cabin Republicans, an advocacy group for LGBTQ+ members of the ...

Meta says you can’t turn off its new AI tool on Facebook, Instagram

Meta has now integrated AI into Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger in Canada — but its presence may not be welcomed by all.

Election interference worse than government admits, rights coalition says

Diaspora groups challenge Ottawa's insistence foreign meddling did not impact elections.

How capital gains tax changes could affect some family doctors

Some family doctors have warned that the changes to capital gains taxation will affect their ability to save for retirement and their families' futures.

Slain tow truck kingpin had a target on his back for years, court documents show

Alex Vinogradsky, a kingpin in Toronto's tow truck underworld who was gunned down outside a north-end plaza last month, had previously been the focus of plots to kill him, court documents reveal. Police also had information that he'd ordered hits on his perceived rivals.

Shuswap residents brace for wildfire season amid investigation

Concerns linger over B.C. Wildfire Service's planned ignition before wildfire spread and burned 170 homes during the 2023 wildfire season. A Forest Practices Board investigation into the planned ignition is ongoing, as residents prepare for another wildfire season.

A Nigerian chess champion plays the royal game for 60 hours - a new global chess record

NEW YORK (AP) — A Nigerian chess champion and child education advocate played chess nonstop for 60 hours in New York City’s Times Square to break the Guinness World Record for the longest chess marathon. Tunde Onakoya, 29, hopes to raise $1 million for children's education across Africa through the record attempt that began on Wednesday. He had set...

School lockdown drills have become common — experts say they could be better

Before the Columbine High School shooting, schools prepared for fires and natural disasters. After the 1999 massacre, states enacted lockdown and active shooter drills.

Bird flu risk to humans an ‘enormous concern,’ WHO says. Here’s what to know

Avian flu is caused by influenza viruses that spread among wild aquatic birds and can infect domestic poultry and other animal species.

Donald and Melania Trump to headline dueling fundraisers on Saturday

Rarely seen, Melania Trump is hosting Log Cabin Republicans at Mar-a-Lago.

More youth are seeking EI amid rising unemployment rates: StatCan

Statistics Canada's data showed that the number of youth receiving employment insurance in February increased for the fourth consecutive month.

Ottawa should tighten rules on match manipulation as legalized sports betting grows, experts say

Raptors player Jontay Porter's lifetime ban from the NBA is just one sign that the rules governing Canada's legal betting industry need to be strengthened to prevent widespread manipulation, experts say.

Record numbers in the US are homeless. Can cities fine them for sleeping in parks and on sidewalks?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The most significant case in decades on homelessness has reached the Supreme Court as record numbers of people in America are without a permanent place to live. The justices on Monday will consider a challenge to rulings from a California-based appeals court that found punishing people for sleeping outside when shelter space is la...

Danielle Smith wants ideology 'balance' at universities. Alberta academics wonder what she's tilting at

The premier wants to do... something about what she argues is a lack of conservatism in post-secondary thought. It might include creating Alberta's own research programs, something the UCP has done before.

California is rolling out free preschool. That hasn't solved challenges around child care

CONCORD, Calif. (AP) — A year before I-Ting Quinn's son was old enough for kindergarten, she and her husband had the option to enroll him in “transitional kindergarten,” a program offered for free by California elementary schools for some 4-year-olds. Instead, they kept their son, Ethan, in a private day care center in Concord, California, at a cos...

As Russia presses forward, Ukraine pleads with Canada for armour, air defence

A leading member of the Ukrainian parliament delivered stark warnings to Canadian politicians and top defence officials this week in a series of mostly under-the-radar meetings in Ottawa ahead of the long-anticipated aid vote in the U.S. Congress.

'We've been where they've been': People with lived addiction experience key in aiding Thunder Bay's vulnerable

Thunder Bay remains among the Ontario communities hit hardest by the opioid crisis, with a toxicity mortality rate more than triple that of the provincial rate. As advocates push for more resources, front-line workers say having lived experience goes a long way in connecting with vulnerable people.

Trudeau says situation in Middle East needs to be de-escalated

The G7 foreign ministers say they are supporting Israel's right to defend itself following reports of a suspected Israeli drone attack at an Iranian military base.

The Trans Mountain saga is nearing its end — the larger debate will go on

In November 2018, Justin Trudeau went to Calgary to speak to the chamber of commerce. A crowd gathered outside the venue and chanted “build that pipe.” This was one of those rare occasions where the protesters and the protested were broadly in agreement — at least in regards to one pipeline.

Pro sports feels harsh spotlight of gambling scandals, now visible in legal market

With top-tier pro leagues dealing with a mounting series of gambling-related scandals, it raises the question of what, if anything, can be done to limit future episodes of this nature.

A mom found a jawbone in her son’s rock collection. 22 years later, genealogy researchers ID’d the remains of a US Marine

More than 20 years after a child’s mother found a human jawbone hidden in his inherited rock collection, genetic genealogy experts have unraveled the discovery and identified the partial remains of a US Marine Corps captain.

Senator references ‘Trumpian denialism’ in foreign interference debate around China

Broad consensus after phase one of foreign interference inquiry holds that while countries tried to influence Canadian elections, the integrity of the vote held.

Conservatives ask interference inquiry judge to rule elections were flawed

In its most definitive statement yet, the Conservative Party says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ignored warnings of Chinese foreign interference for partisan gains.

House to vote on aid bills for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

It's a pivotal moment for House Speaker Mike Johnson as he tries to stave off a right-wing rebellion.

Norval Morrisseau's nephew, among those charged in massive art fraud case, reaches resolution with elders

Benjamin Morrisseau, the artist's nephew and one of the accused in the Norval Morrisseau art fraud ring case, has reached a resolution with elders as part of the restorative justice process. He appeared in a Thunder Bay, Ont., court on Thursday.

Moscow says 50 Ukrainian drones shot down as attacks spark fires at Russian power stations

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine launched a barrage of drones across Russia overnight, the Defense Ministry in Moscow said Saturday, in attacks that appeared to target the country’s energy infrastructure. Fifty drones were shot down by air defences over eight Russian regions, including 26 over the country’s western Belgorod region close to the Ukrainia...

Maps show states where weed is legal for recreational, medical use

Maps show where weed and marijuana products are legal for recreational and medical use in the United States.

Aggressive sheep kills New Zealand couple, leaving community shocked

The couple. both in their 80s, were found dead in the sheep paddock on their rural Auckland rental property this week.

Children learn matzo making and Passover's traditions ahead of the Jewish holiday

ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) — The group of first graders had no time to waste — they had matzo to make. The students from Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation’s Capital had just 18 minutes to prep and cook the cracker-like, unleavened Passover staple if they wanted to keep it kosher for the holiday. It could not be allowed to rise. Starting in ...

Canada updating sperm donor screening criteria for men who have sex with men

Health Canada is changing its screening criteria for sperm donors, removing previous questions directed at some gay and bisexual men.

Pakistani province issues flood alert and warns of heavy loss of life due to glacial melting

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — A Pakistani province has issued a flood alert due to glacial melting and warned of heavy loss of life, officials said Saturday. The country has witnessed days of extreme weather, killing scores of people and destroying property and farmland. Experts say Pakistan is experiencing heavier rains than normal in April because of...

Buzz kill? Gen Z less interested in coffee than older Canadians, survey shows

Are younger Canadians now less interested in coffee than previous generations? A new study shows that Gen Z is the least likely to have a cup of Joe with their breakfast.

12 students and teacher killed in Columbine school shooting remembered at 25th anniversary vigil

DENVER (AP) — A girl who wrote to God in her diaries, a boy with learning disabilities who was just learning to like who he was and a teen who would spend every free minute fishing were among the 13 victims of the Columbine High School shooting remembered during a vigil Friday on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the shooting that was the worst th...

Biden leans on young voters to flip North Carolina

President Biden is building a coalition of students despite unenthusiastic polling among young people.

Most Canadians and Americans don't trust the UN, poll finds

The majority of Canadians and Americans do not trust the United Nations, according to a new poll. The Leger survey for the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) and the Metropolis Institute was conducted about four months after Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, 2023. Since then, the UN has been under fire for its response to the attack, and for a UN agency’s alleged connections to the Hamas terrorists. According to the survey, only 38 per cent...

Asian Americans reflect on how ‘Harold & Kumar’ helped weed out stereotypes

This year marks the 20th anniversary of stoner comedy “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” lighting up theaters across the country, but with two Asian Americans at the center of the munchie-fueled adventure, its impression on many people of Asian descent never faded.

The House is on the brink of approving aid for Ukraine and Israel after months of struggle

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House is preparing in a rare Saturday session to approve $95 billion in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and other U.S. allies, Democrats and Republicans joining together behind the legislation after a grueling monthslong fight over renewed American support for repelling Russia's invasion into Ukraine. Republican House Speaker ...

Toyotas, RVs and nearly 3K school buses: A list of vehicle recalls this week

Micro Bird recalled 2,520 school buses due to unsafe emergency exit labeling on Thursday, part of multiple notices for recalls posted by Transport Canada.

Trump forced to listen silently to people insulting him as he trades a cocoon of adulation for court

NEW YORK (AP) — He seems "selfish and self-serving,” said one woman. The way he carries himself in public "leaves something to be desired," said another. His “negative rhetoric and bias," said another man, is what is “most harmful." Over the past week, Donald Trump has been forced to sit inside a frigid New York courtroom and listen to a parade of ...

‘Media firestorm’: Israel protest at professor’s home sparks heated free-speech debate

During a dinner for students that the dean of the University of California, Berkeley law school held in his house’s backyard earlier this month, a woman wearing a hijab and checkered Palestinian scarf suddenly stood up with a microphone and amplifier. What followed lasted only a couple of minutes, but has led to a fierce debate about the limits of free speech, drew death threats to those involved, and created a “media firestorm,” as the dean,...

Opinion: The Indian election issue that will impact the world (and no one is talking about)

As India’s national election kicks off, climate researcher Aditya Valiathan Pilai explores why climate change isn’t a major issue for the main BJP and Congress parties.

From stare-downs to shut-eye: Trump’s every move in criminal trial under the microscope

But behind every scowl, whisper or even yawn, Trump’s team sees a clear message the presumptive GOP nominee has the opportunity to get across: Defiance.

Duke University’s move to end full ride scholarship for Black students gets mixed reaction from former scholars

Duke University’s decision to end a full ride scholarship program for Black students has received both support and criticism from former recipients of the award.

Was that a solar flare? What did we see during the April 8 total solar eclipse?

The total solar eclipse was a spectacular event, but what were we actually seeing?

Iran, Israel appear to pull back from brink as Gaza bombed again

Iran has dismissed as akin to child's play the reported Israeli retaliation for an unprecedented Iranian strike, as both sides on Saturday appeared to step back from wider conflict stemming from the war in Gaza. The Israeli retaliation appeared to come on Friday, when Iranian media reported blasts in the central province of Isfahan.

For prospective Native American college students, connecting with tribal culture on campus can make all the difference

or prospective Native American college students, connecting with tribal culture on campus makes all the difference

Israeli airstrike in southern Gaza city of Rafah kills at least 9 Palestinians, including 6 children

RAFAH, Gaza Strip (AP) — An Israeli airstrike on a house in Gaza’s southernmost city killed at least nine people, six of them children, hospital authorities said Saturday, as Israel pursued its nearly seven-month offensive in the besieged Palestinian territory. Israel's war against the Islamic militant group Hamas has led to a dramatic escalation o...

Premiers say Ottawa should have consulted with them more before tabling 2024 budget

Canada’s premiers are criticizing the federal government over “limited and inconsistent outreach” with provinces ahead of tabling the 2024 budget.

As hush money trial begins, Trump hits the trail in North Carolina

Donald Trump, largely confined to a Manhattan courtroom for most of the past week, will reemerge on the campaign circuit Saturday in North Carolina, where the stakes of the Republican’s trial-to-trail presidential campaign are especially high.

War, hostages, antisemitism: A somber backdrop to this year's Passover observances

Passover is a major Jewish holiday, celebrated over seven or eight days each year, commemorating the exodus of ancient Israelites from slavery in Egypt, as recounted in the Bible. To many Jews, it symbolizes freedom and the birth of a Jewish nation. This year, for many Jews, the holiday’s mood will be somber due to the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza and ...